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In December 2006 the Tungurahua Volcano, located in the Tungurahua region of Ecuador,  South America erupted; causing many deaths and leaving people homeless. Touched by the mercy of God, our church agreed to take material, physical and spiritual help to the most affected by the eruption of the volcano,  by poverty, violence, abuse, and from the discrimination they have faced for hundreds of years.

For 13 years, every year we travel with a missions team taking the necessary help to cover their physical poverty, but we also take the most important and vital message: THE GOSPEL OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, the message of eternal life. Every year the Lord has been establishing the communities where we work, and we gather many communities in 6 centered locations in which we provide help, support, spiritual growth, and more. 

We have constructed a building in Lalanshi to be a help center so that Compassion International would take over and help out the children in need. As well in Santo Domingo another help center for the children to receive help from Compassion International.

Since 2006 we have helped 10 indigenous communities, those are Lalanshi, Calancha, Tolatus, Apatug, Cochaloma, 4 Esquinas, Cherlo, Pungala, Gramapamba and Santo Domingo.

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